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Welcome to My Free IQ Test

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Our shenanigans cannot be understated but our valid IQ test speaks for itself. The creators are an ISO company that does business with major corporations, schools, and are certified professionals who specialize in psychometrics. Most professional high paying jobs today require either professional IQ tests or some other psychological test that measures your intelligence. In order to know what your strengths and weakness are, you should study as many test variables as possible. The online IQ test that you will take should measure your general intelligence and the score should be similar as well. Hence, if you do well on this exam, you should do well on your employment test. However, due to test variables there is no guarantee.

What does my IQ score mean?

In short, your score reflects your mental ability to perform certain tasks, which can influence your ability to achieve a measurable level of success or failure in the educational world as well in the employment sector.

To understand what different IQ scores mean, click here.