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IQ Scores of Famous People, Pop Stars and Celebrities

Celebrity IQ Scores and Celebrity Gossip
Not all the famous people who are featured on this page have had the benefit of their IQ being tested. Most of the celebrity IQ scores and SAT Scores that you will read about are estimated and for that reason alone, you should not accept any information on this page as concrete proof unless otherwise stated. Therefore, consider it celebrity gossip. Check back frequently for updates on celebrity SAT scores. .

Famous Celebrity I.Q. Scores
Besides tending bar and waiting tables, many celebrities had the benefit of a higher education. Well known Hollywood actors such as James Woods, Geena Davis, and Sharon Stone have had their intelligence tested and there are no low IQ scores to report from these three smart people. However, the lowest celebrity IQ Score encounters so far points to George H.W. Bush. He checks in with an IQ Score of 98 which is not a low IQ Score. In reality, an IQ Score of 98 is very normal.

IQ Hoaxes, Celebrity Gossip and Rumors Debunked
All indicators exclude President George Bush from being a retard. He is very intelligent as his IQ to SAT Scores indicate. His combined SAT score of 1206 indicates that he has an estimated I.Q. Score of 125. It appears that some democrats who were bashing George Bush wanted to exalt former President Clinton. They falsely list his IQ Score at 182. It is closer to 137.

Uma Thurman has a some fanatical "godess worshipers" as they refer to themselves that claims that she has an IQ Score of 183. However, this fansite fails to list proof. We'll consider it a hoax unless proof is presented. Here is the shrine page for Uma Thurman.

Who Is The Smartest Person In The World?
Kim Ung Yong is the smartest man in the world! His IQ Score is rated at a hefty 210!The following excerpt is from wikipedia...
"Kim Ung-Yong (born March 7, 1963) is a Korean former child prodigy. He scored a 210 IQ on the Stanford-Binet test according to the Guinness Book of World Records. At five months he was able to walk and speak and at seven months he was able to write and play chess . He began to learn differential calculus at the age of three. He was able to read and write in Japanese, Korean, German, and English by his fourth birthday. At the age of four years on November 2, 1967, he solved complicated differential and integral calculus problems on Japanese television, demonstrated his proficiency in German, English, Japanese, and Korean, and composed poetry.

Kim was a guest student of physics at Hanyang University from the age of three until he was six. At the age of seven he was invited to the United States by NASA.. He finished his university studies, eventually getting a Ph.D in physics at Colorado State University before he was 15. In 1974, during his university studies, he began his research work at NASA and continued this work until his return to Korea in 1978.

When he returned to Korea, his doctorate in physics and research work at NASA were considered worthless and he had to begin his studies again. He decided to switch from physics to civil engineering and eventually received a doctorate in that field. Kim was offered the chance to study at the most prestigious universities in Korea, but instead chose to attend a provincial university.

Who Is The Smartest Woman In The World?
The highest recorded IQ Score for a living female goes to Marilyn Vos Savant. She has an IQ Score of 186. Marilyn Vos Savant is a national columnist and author. She is an executive at Jarvik Heart, Inc., which manufactures artificial hearts for permanent and temporary use in the treatment of heart failure. She is married to Dr. Jarvik who is the creator of the world's first artificial heart.

The Smartest President of The United States of America
John Quincy Adams was rated as the smartest of all the presidents. His IQ score was estimated to be 175.

The IQ Scores of Famous Celebrities

albert einstein iq 160
Albert Eeinstein
IQ Score 160

andy warhol iq 86
Andy Wharhol
IQ Score 86

bill clinton iq 137
Bill Clinton
IQ Score 137

bill gates iq 160
Bill Gates
IQ Score 160

chris langan iq 195
Christopher Langan
IQ Score 195

geena davis iq 140
Geena Davis
IQ Score 140

george w. bush iq 125
George W. Bush
IQ Score 125

hillary clinton iq 140
Hillary Clinton
IQ Score 140

james woods iq 180
James Woods
IQ Score 180

jodie foster iq 132
Jodie Foster
IQ Score 132

judith polgar iq 170
Judith Polgar
IQ Score 170

kim ung yong iq 210
Kim Ung Yong
IQ Score 210

madonna iq 140
IQ Score 140

marilyn vos savant iq 186
Marily Vos Savant
IQ Score 186

nicole kidman iq 132
Nicole Kidman
IQ Score 132

phillip emeagwali iq 190
Philip Emeagwali
IQ Score 190

quinton tarrintino iq 160
Quinton Tarantino
IQ Score 160

shakira iq 140
IQ Score 140

sharon stone iq 154
Sharon Stone
IQ Score 154

stephan hawking iq 160
Stephen Hawking
IQ Score 160

More Celebrity I.Q. Scores

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